Vol. 15 of Philosophy in Practice is Out Now!

Philosophy in Practice is a yearly, student-run philosophy journal featuring essays from both CSULA undergraduates and graduate students.

This year’s volume includes a spotlight feature on professor Henry Mendell and essays on the philosophy of mind; free will; the metaphysics of spacetime; the bioethics of disability; the ethics of suicide; the virtue ethics of Plato’s Protagoras; the foundations of human rights law; and the influence of cognitive biases in politics.

This year’s authors include:

  • Stephen Boynton
  • Daniel Castro
  • Alexandra Meyering
  • John Hurley
  • David Randall
  • Heather Norwood
  • David Dixon
  • Sabrina Pirzadaa
  • Hudson Olander
  • Marcel Giwargis
  • James Savage

The Spring 2021 edition is now both virtually available (below) and in hard copy in the department’s main office.



Cal State L.A.’s Philosophy Club has regular club meetings during the fall and spring semesters.

Philosophy Club is a place where students can continue the kind of conversation that happens in the classroom, and which draws so many to philosophy in the first place. It is a place where students present and discuss philosophical ideas, as well as just hang out, play board and card games, engage in silliness, and have fun.

Philosophy Club also strives to present Cal State L.A. undergraduate and graduate students with resources and opportunities. We host a Transfer Welcome event during the fall semester to welcome and help incoming students learn about the department. We share departmental and extra-departmental information on activities and events in philosophy. And we elect club officers to handle various aspects of club life, offering the opportunity to develop useful non-academic skills such as event planning and public speaking.

Here at our Word Press page, you’ll find regular information about club activities and our department. Again, welcome. We hope to see you at a meeting, soon.

Roundtable Cancelled

Hi friends and family!

Unfortunately, we got word from the Arts and Letters Dean this morning, and they are cancelling all National Humanities Advocacy Day events today. Since our Retheorizing Sexuality roundtable is a part of those events, it is also cancelled. If we postpone it to a later date, I’ll send out an update later on with the new date and time.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


3/10 Roundtable!

Hello, transhistorical friends and family!

1) We will not be holding a club meeting this Thursday (3/12).

2) That is because this Tuesday (3/10), from 4PM-5:30PM, at the State Playhouse by the Music building courtyard, the club and department will be co-hosting “Retheorizing Sexuality: A Roundtable“! A panel of students and faculty will be answering important questions about sexuality together! We’ll talk shop about desire, ethics, violence, minor and marginalized identities, and a great deal more. It will be a lovely time; I am very excited for it. I’m attaching the event flyer to this message.

3) The roundtable is happening on a special day: National Humanities Advocacy Day! Different clubs and departments across the humanities will be tabling across campus, talking about what’s interesting about our fields and what people in the humanities do with their knowledge and skills. The Philosophy department will be tabling on the main campus walkway between 11AM-3PM. I will be there; be sure to join us! I give no guarantees, but there may be a chess table present alongside some paradoxes and thought experiments.

That’s about it! I’m tired, and I must now sleep.


3/5 Meeting!

Hello, peppery friends and family! I am drinking hot chocolate, which is known in parts of the world as “Blessed Cocoa Liquid”. I have two things to mention this message.

1) We will be meeting this Thursday (3/5), from 3PM-4:20PM, at KH C2096A. We will be addressing some questions about sexuality, and the philosophy of sexuality! There is a philosophy roundtable coming up soon on sexuality (more on that in number 2), and so we’re gonna take a look at a couple of the questions that will come up in the roundtable. Let me give you two to think over. You obviously do not have to come up with full answers to either of these! I just pass them over to you to mull over before next meeting:

a) We make sense of a lot of sexuality through the sexual orientations that we live–being gay, bi, straight, or so on. These categories are immensely helpful in understanding ourselves, but how may sexuality be more complicated beyond these categories? How does sexuality complicate these orientations themselves?

b) How do we talk about ethics and morality in sexuality in a necessary, important way? Sexuality has often been, perhaps, wrongly regulated according to social norms and conventions, thus harming people in the process. Yet, it seems evident that some expressions of sexuality really are wrong, or harmful. How do we navigate this difference? What vocabulary do we need to navigate it?


2) We’re talking about sexuality next meeting because on March 10th, from 4PM-5:30PM, at the State Playhouse by the Music building, we’re holding a philosophy roundtable event on sexuality! A panel of students and faculty will be working through important theoretical questions about sexuality along with the rest of the audience. I’ll remind you again next week that this is coming up, and I’ll include some extra details at that point as well. For now, mark your calendar! It’ll be a lovely time.

That’s all for now! I’m going back to writing now.


2/27 Meeting!

Hello, waking friends and family!

Last meeting, interestingly enough, we ended up saying nothing about nothingness. That is fitting for the topic, but we should, unfortunately, say something about it. So, this Thursday (2/27), from 3PM-4:20PM, at KH C2096A, we will start our discussion on nothingness! What at all does it mean when we try and talk about nothingness? Why is there something in the world rather than nothing–and what does that question even mean? What is at stake? What do we make of moments in our lives where we “feel like nothing”? Bring your feelings and thoughts, and we’ll air them through Thursday.

Reminder to drink some water! Take care of yourself.


2/20 Meeting!

Hello, sleepy friends and family! I am projecting a little, as I myself am sleepy. I am also sorry for the extremely late message update; I got caught up with current events, but I am here now!

We will be meeting tomorrow (2/20), from 3PM-4:20PM, at KH C2096A. Last meeting, we talked about material constitution: what it means to say that things are made out of other things. This meeting, we’ll wrap up some points we left unfinished last time. Afterwards, it seems appropriate to do a complete 180 and talk about nothing, and about nothingness! It is easy enough to talk about things and different things in the world, but what does it mean when we talk about something like nothingness? It’s not something, but it seems that we can say many things around nothingness, vaguely showing around it. What is that feeling of being almost nothing we have when we think about the vast universe beyond us? What is the feeling of nothingness we fear when we think of dying? We do have the word for it, so what are we talking about when we invoke that word?
That’s all! Lots of love and well wishes to you.


2/13 Meeting!

Hi, salutatorian friends and family! That’s a nice adjective-word, right?

We’re meeting this Thursday (2/13), from 3PM-4:20PM, at our Brand New Meeting Room, King Hall (KH) C2096A, to talk about material constitution, which is fancy for “how things are made from other things”! Someone last meeting asked whether a Pop-Tart is a sandwich, and we decided to take the joke seriously enough to run a meeting on it. What does it take for a lump of stone and marble to be a statue? Is the statue and the lumps of material it’s made out of the same thing? (Spoiler alert: Sakib thinks no, but if an artist presents lumps of raw material as a statue, then in that case, that lump becomes a statue!) Is a Pop-Tart a sandwich? These are the most important questions in philosophy, more important than, I daresay, anything else in philosophy. Anything in its long many-thousands-of-years history. I’m certain of it. This is objectively correct.


2/6 Meeting!

Hello, cornichonish friends and family! I’m running out of adjectives to use for these messages, so I must start inventing more. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

We will be meeting for our first Spring ’20 meeting this Thursday (2/6), from 3PM-4:20PM, at King Hall (KH) D1045! We’ll catch up a bit with one another, and we’ll set up meeting topics we’re interested in for the upcoming semester. KH D1045 is the Honors College office; my good friend and partner-in-crime Isabelle works there, and she’s requested that everyone come into the office asking for the club meeting, and she will direct you into the appropriate conference room. Big Fancy!

Also, this Wednesday (2/5), from 6PM-8:30PM, at the Golden Eagle Ballrooms, is the City of Orgs mixer! Usually, we table out on the main walkway and talk about the club, why philosophy is cool, why I’m the kind of gal that I am, and if folks are interested in attending meetings. Things are switching up this time; folks will show up at the ballroom this time, while different club leaders give a pitch for their club and why it’s cool (and why I’m the kind of gal that I am), and folks can grab a bite and dance along with the on-site DJ’s tunes. If you’re interested in seeing me promote the club for, like, a minute, and then grabbing a bite and hanging out a bit before I go home to sleep because I get up early the next day for a doctor’s appointment, then do stop by!

Also, if you’re in the LA area, be careful when you’re out! Winds are really heavy, and the cold is particularly dry. Keep cozy, protect yourself with scarves and mufflers, and keep yourself hydrated!


Confirmed Spring ’20 Meeting Times!

Hi friends and family! Sending out this short message to update you about meeting times this semester!

I tried my very best to accommodate for as many people as possible, but I could not get a perfect date and time that worked for everyone at once. This Spring ’20, we will be meeting on Thursdays, from 3PM-4:20PM. Given that, we will not be having a meeting tomorrow (1/30, Thursday)! Our first meeting will be next week, and I’ll be sending out another email sometime this weekend confirming that meeting date and our meeting location.

Also, thank you to those of you who bore with me and filled out the Google form! It made scheduling this time around that much easier, because I was able to much better organize people’s available days and times. I know it’s a bit more extra work than just replying with your times on the message, and I appreciate that you took up that bit of extra work. It helped a great deal! Lots of love.