Meeting 2/13+ACP Reading Group+Gentrification+OOO

This Tuesday we’ll be meeting in KH B2011 @3:00.

Fernando will give a short presentation on Frantz Fanon’s Black Skin White Masks.

Please read the introduction.​

Timothy Morton will be coming to speak on his book Humankind: Solidarity With Non-Human People on 4/13/18. In anticipation, the ACP will be hosing two reading groups. One is this Friday.
Reading Group

I also urge you all to attend GENTRIFICATION, INDIGENEITY, AND GENDER this Thursday.
Gentrification, Indigeneity, and Gender

Lastly, I wanted to give you a heads up Graham Harman’s lecture Wednesday, February 21, 2018. (I don’t expect Zizek to be there and derail the conversation on Harman’s Object Oriented Ontology as he did last time.)
Nonhumans In/As Human Social Space

Have a great week

Meeting 10/10

Greetings comrades,

We will be meeting tomorrow from 3-4:20 in room KH C 2096A.
We’ll be discussing Street Epistemology as we will start doing it soon on campus.

Later skater,


Meeting 10/3

Hey all,

We’ll be meeting Tuesday of this week from 3:00-4:20 in front of the Confucius statue. This will be one of two meetings we will hold there this semester.

We will alot some time to continue last weeks discussion. The remaining time will be left to open discussion.

Good luck with midterms,

Meeting 9/19 and Book Sale!

Sup Daseins,

We will be meeting Tuesday from 3:00 to 4:20 in room KH C2096A.

Alvin will be presenting on The World Phenomena.

Based on Martin Heidegger’s contributions to philosophy, in this presentation I will
exhibit the notion that the World—written with an uppercase letter “W”—is the ultimate nexus of meaningful equipment and social relations brought about by Dasein’s dealings with things and people. World, understood in this manner, is the referential-whole on the basis of which Dasein makes its own existence intelligible. This view will be contrasted with the understanding of the world—written with a lowercase letter “w”—as the collection of all intraworldly beings, namely, of all entities which are found within the natural environment. Dasein is the term to describe beings like us, or rather, to describe our way of Being, and it is to be understood as the entity which skillfully brings about the World phenomenon as it engages with things and people in its everyday life. I believe that the exposition of World as the resulting phenomenon of Dasein’s engagement with things and people is necessary in order to avoid either of two problematic interpretations of our existence: first, the interpretation of ourselves solely as biological or physical entities that simply occur in the environment among
others, and second, the exaltation of the mind and the understanding of ourselves as isolated conscious subjects who interact with external objects primarily by means of mental representations. In this presentation I seek to introduce, at least in a brief but concise manner, the notion that Dasein is both being-with (Mit-sein) other people and being-alongside (Sein-bei) non-Dasein entities, second, to explain the present-at-hand or extant, and third, to explain the ready-to-hand or equipment within a functionality contexture or referential-whole. My goal is to show that the World for Dasein is not  merely the sum or collection of all entities present in nature, but that is rather the all-encompassing equipment and social network which is cast-forth and established as Dasein comports or deals with what is intraworldly given within the natural

We will also be selling books in front of the book store from 1-8pm!

Hope to see you there,

Meeting 9/12, Special Lecture, Booksale

Hey everyone,
We are meeting tomorrow, 9/12, in room KH C2096A from 3:00 to 4:20.
We’ve had to move Gil’s presentation back two weeks but this comes as very convenient because it will allow us to have a discussion on what it is to be located.
I’ve decided to focus the discussion on this topic in direct anticipation to Matthew Leonard’s special lecture this Thursday 9/14 in room KH B2005 from 3:00 to 4:20.


Suppose there are material objects (people, planets, etc.) and regions of space-time. My body is located at a particular body-shaped region. What is it for my body to be located at that particular region? Two views permeate the literature. The first is that the question has no answer. My body is located somewhere and there is nothing more to be said. The second is the view that being located somewhere just is being identical with that region. This view is implicitly adopted by people who think that material objects just are space-time regions. The goal of this talk is to point out two familiar problems with each view, present a new view, and argue that it doesn’t suffer from any of these four problems.

We will discuss his paper Enduring Though Gunk. Here’s a link to his paper:

If this link doesn’t work, please search for it on his website.

The paper reads well. But don’t worry if you can’t read all of it by tomorrow. We probably won’t have time to discuss all of it.

Lastly, we are set to have our first book sale 9/19. We’ll have all kinds of books!

Their prices will range from .50 to 3.00!!!



No Meeting 9/5

Hey all,

Starting 9/12 we will start having weekly meetings on Tuesdays 3-4:20.

There is no meeting tomorrow 9/5/17.

Last meeting James brought up already having discussed though experiments on his podcast. I recommend it.

Here’s the link!

My next email will have some reading material to prep for Gil’s presentation.

First Semester Meeting Fall 2017

Hey everyone,

Welcome back! We have loads of good stuff planned for this semester, and with your suggestions, it will be even better.
We will be meeting on Tuesdays from 3-4:20 in room KH C2096A. Feel free to bring your lunch and a pal. We will be having bi-weekly meetings. The dates are as follows:
8/29, 9/12, 9/26, 10/10, 10/24, 11/07, 11/21.

Our first meeting will be a loose session. I may even bring something to munch on. Two officers have already volunteered to present for later meetings. If you’re interested in presenting, please feel free to contact me. Presentations can be on papers, current events, laws, films, exhibits and whatever you find to be philosophically interesting.

Since we’ll have some funding from book sales, we’ll have more club sponsored outings.

Finally, if you’re interested in participating in our annual philosophy conference, we’ll start taking abstracts starting November.

Have a great semester,