Hey my fellow philo students,

This is Joanna – I am not exactly sure how many of y’all I personally know, but even if we have’nt met yet, I’d like to present an opportunity! Well, what I’m referring to is not actually meeting me, but that may be a plus! I look forward to striking up conversations with all of you! I happen to be hosting a BORDEAUX WINE TASTING this saturday (Feb 14) afternoon at BEVMO in Pasadena. I think this will be an awesome opportunity for the Philosophy Club or just philosophy students to meet and get a little vino in them – after all this is the best way to cut the fancy intellectual bullshit some of us like to front from time to time and really get into the gravy about some of our philosophical positions..what we love, hate…etc etc! The tasting will be $15 to participate, but the wines featured will be in the range from $25-75 btl.

If you have never had wine before, no need to be bashful! I also happen to be the store sommelier, which means I can teach you some of the basics of enjoying wine or hopefully just provide you with a pleasant buzz! There will be cheese and crackers, I know some of us mega dorks fear the wine buzz, but no worries! Honestly, I think we can all have a good time and I didn’t want to host this tasting without mentioning it to all of you!

I look forward to seeing some CSULA philosophy heads at this event! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to approach me and ask – I don’t bite!

P.S If you decide to show up, please be prepared to come in good spirit! There is always some hostility inside lectures depending on what our philosophical inclinations are – however, leave this on campus @ lecture! My wine tastings can get a little political, and hopefully this time around a little philosophical, however , I don’t dig the individuals who do philosophy just to try and put others down! Philosophy just like wine, is supposed to be about fun too!


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