Bullshit is Morally Consequential!

Princeton Professor discusses ideas and themes of his book, \”On Bullshit\”

Lately I have been reading a great deal of Supreme Court cases and of all places I seem to be finding a great deal of absurdity. My refuge came in the form of an essay written by Harry G. Frankfurt, which I had read several years ago but never fully grasped the range of until now.

“On Bullshit” is now published as a book by Princeton University Press and well worth your time. It is a ridiculously short essay so even if you are a very busy person, you’ll be able to read it.

He is an analytical philosopher and the essay is written clearly and concisely.

I find the above interview with Harry G. Frankfurt very thought provoking. You can also look up an interview he did with John Steward and laugh a little.
This interview is particularly interesting because he takes the essay a bit further by suggesting that we should be concerned about Bullshit from a moral perspective.

In our current political and even interpersonal market driven landscape, we are saturated with statements that have little to do with truth values. At some point in the conclusion of the essay he suggests that sincerity is bullshit! You need to read the essay to find out why but I find this incredibly scary, because if our very attempts at being sincere is really a disconnect between an activity and its purpose (statement making, and truth values or personal convictions; activities that do not advance organizational purpose) then what a world we live in!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

You can read the following book review for more information:


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