Diotima Questions Socrates

My apologies for not throwing this out there sooner (at least here on the blog) but the philosophy club was contacted by the arts & letter rep to participate in this event: “La Finesse De La Nuit” taking place on campus on Wednesday, April 13, and we just got the application over the quarter break. The philosophy club decided to present Plato’s Symposium, in particular the dialogue between Diotima & Socrates and Diotima’s Speech. We are trying to add multiple mediums and talents into the mix, so anyone interested in helping out please contact me (angel here) @ joseangelaceves@gmail.com

We are going to pre-record the readings of the text this week. Then play the voices the day of, with all the performers wearing masks on stage creating projections of silhouettes against the background. A greek-style chorus would serve as narration to bookend the scene. Only the chorus, and the recollected Socrates and Diotima would be on stage. All characters present at the party would only be depicted as audio and silhouette.

It would be approximately 10 minutes in length. I mention all this just incase you can’t make it the day of but are still interested in helping out in any way beforehand with recording/filming/mixing/editing/etc.

Or press play now.


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