Plato’s Symposium

Our small student production of Plato’s Symposium, in particular the dialogue between Diotima & Socrates and Diotima’s Speech. We pre-recorded the readings of the text and then played the voices the day of, with the performers wearing theater masks for the Greek Chorus, Socrates, and Diotima. Here is the video and audio that projected silhouettes of the party as the background. Missing only the performances on stage by the Greek Chorus’, Socrates’s and Diotima’s belly dancing. Thanks to all those who participated and helped.


Chorus Voices:               Chorus Actors:
Ali Jalali                          Victor Eremit
Santiago Vidales           Ai-Khanh Nguyen
Imran Siddiqui               Imran Siddiqui
Lyudmila Grigoryan     Ira Taborn

Socrates Voice:              Socrates Actor:
Christian Hawkins      Cyrus Azari

Diotima Voice:              Diotima Actor:
Cklara Moradian          Cristina Gonzalez

Special Thanks
Carlos Aguas Jr.
Chinta Cooper
Elias Feghali
Joel Chandler
Kai Kaululaau


One thought on “Plato’s Symposium

  1. Robert Harrison and Andrea Nightingale from Stanford discuss Plato’s _Symposium_ on Robert’s radio show, “Entitled Opinions”:n The podcast is also available on iTunes (for free). …Check out some of the other shows. They’re good.

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