YouTube night!

Friday • 20 May 2011 • 6pm • E&T A406
What we watched:
Immanuel Kant Song
Creature Comforts USA – Art
Fire Knife Competition PCC
Conférence de presse de “MELANCHOLIA” de Lars VON TRIER (34:30-37:50)
Tao te Ching (pt.1)
The Trap – 3 – We Will Force U 2 Be Free (0:00-10:01)
Source of terrorism & Iranian Revolution
What Would Penis Do? – Tales Of Mere Existence
Joseph Campbell–The Dynamic of Life
Flipper – Sex Bomb
Shatner Of The Mount by Fall On Your Sword
McDonald’s – 99p “Plumber”
The Tao of Kung Fu #1 – “Fear is the only darkness.”
Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Limited Edition
Japanese Matrix Ping Pong
Binocular Soccer-Funny Japanese game show
‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009 (30:00-33:30)
Drunk History vol. 2 – Featuring Jack Black
Rejected Cartoons by: Don Hertzfeldt
Evgeny Kissin – The Turkish March


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