website change

Change has come to the Philosophy Club website. We’d previously been paying for our site and have now transitioned to an all free web presence. The main changes are as follows:

1) Our address has changed! Please update your bookmarks. The new address is

2) No longer will simply anyone be able to post new blog entries. Well, you still can, but you’ll have to email us first so we can set things up to allow you to do so. And please do!

3) Our photo gallery is now hosted by Picasa. Find that here:

Please note that although it may be a bit trickier to post new blog entries, anyone can still comment on entries already posted. So, for example, if you’d like to start a thread, email us about it; either we’ll set you up so you can post the first entry or we’ll post it for you and the conversation can ensue unencumbered through the comments system.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. The all free web presence will save us time and $ and ensure that the site doesn’t disappear should future club members fail to pay the web host.


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