The Pragmatists

The Pragmatists is a play about East and West, business and art, life and death, male and female, the metaphysical and the psychological… These sets of opposites are at war among the characters as well as within them. Everyone becomes a pragmatist while looking for pain… evasions instead of facing the “essential strangeness of existence” in this inquisitive and minimalistic play.

In the Music Building Courtyard at CSULA
4/12 @ 8pm
4/13 @ 8pm
4/14 @ 8pm
4/15 @ 7pm

The Pragmatists
By: Witkiewicz
Directed by: Elias Feghali
Stage Manager: Jennifer Castillo
Costumes: Doug Jacobs
The Creatures:
Kristen Bailey
Mackenzie Keck
Whitney LaBarge
Marcelo Olivas
Mark Peterson

…maybe we can meet up on opening night to check out Elias’s new play.


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