Sunday Sounds

Here’s an interesting one… so so good.

What philosophical ideas, if any, might be represented in the song? What are your thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

Anyone else picking up on a little Marx vibe? 🙂

“Days That Used To Be”

People say don’t rock the boat,
let things go their own way
Ideas that once seem so right,
now have gotten hard to say
I wish I could talk to you,
you could talk to me
‘Cause there’s very few of us left
my friend
From the days that used to be.
Seem like such a simple thing
to follow one’s own dream
But possessions and concession
are not often what they seem
They drag you down
and load you down
in disguise of security.
But we never had
to make those deals
In the days that used to be.
Talk to me, my long lost friend,
tell me how you are
Are you happy with
your circumstance,
are you driving a new car
Does it get you where you wanna go,
with a seven year warranty
Or just another
hundred thousand miles away
From days that used to be.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds

  1. Marx wrote poetry too… Here’s poem written by Marx to his wife, the brave Jenny!

    Sonnet I – To Jenny

    Take all, take all these songs from me
    That Love at your feet humbly lays,
    Where, in the Lyre’s full melody,
    Soul freely nears in shining rays.
    Oh! if Song’s echo potent be
    To stir to longing with sweet lays,
    To make the pulse throb passionately
    That your proud heart sublimely sways,
    Then shall I witness from afar
    How Victory bears you light along,
    Then shall I fight, more bold by far,
    Then shall my music soar the higher;
    Transformed, more free shall ring my song,
    And in sweet woe shall weep my Lyre.

    That does not sound very Marxist, rather it is so sweet! 😉

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