Why study Philosophy?

Hi all,

A few days ago I had a conversation with one of our peers who mentioned that he had an encounter, as I am sure we have all had, with someone who asked “Why study Philosophy?” It is often the conception that Philosophy is a “waste of time,” or Philosophy majors most likely “will not make any money.” Personally, I have experience people upright tell me that my choice in major was the wrong choice and I’ve already ruined my life. 🙂 Haha.

Nonetheless, we have all developed an interest and passion for the study of Philosophy. What was it exactly that led each of you to study Philosophy?

Many people are often unaware of the possibilities that are available to students majoring in Philosophy, and of the skills they develop while studying Philosophy. Why do you guys think this is the case? What are some of the skills you have personally developed or strengthened while studying Philosophy?

Below are some  links with useful information. Think about this information… A few of our peers would like this week’s meeting to be dedicated to a discussion on this topic.










One thought on “Why study Philosophy?

  1. Q: Why study Philosophy?
    A: Because it gives you freedom to think for yourself, to understand complex ideas, to find your own solutions or come up with answers to the age old questions. And the list goes on! Question is: Why NOT study philosophy?

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