Sunday Sounds

As a result of the debate we got into at the meeting on Wednesday regarding Peter Singer’s ethics, here’s what I think about money. 🙂 Have a happy Sunday!

I can truly say I don’t give
A fuck about your money
Because it means so much to you
(And all your money)
Why does it mean so much to you?
You speak the land of greed
I’m talking a world of need
Money has nothing to do
With the value of life
But that’s just common sense

You call me up and talk
About money
I don’t want to hear anymore
About money

Look what people do
Trying to get their money
To buy their fantasies based on
The book or the movie
Fortified cares
Modified principles
Convenience is the name of the
Self-indulgence is the rule (selfish motherfucker)
There are no winners
We all lose
Thanks for nothing

You put yourself up for sale
You’re all sold out





5 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds

  1. You know what they say: “money is the root of all evil.”
    Okay, aside from superficial quips, I do agree that one’s worth does not come from one’s wealth (in monetary value, of course). Sadly, most people tell me that that’s a poor person’s way of adjusting to the fact that one is poor. My only response to that is that yes, maybe I am poor, but to some extent, we all are. We’re poor in our very lack of worth. What is that worth exactly? I don’t think I have an answer yet.

    1. I get what you’re saying here, Scott. Money is just another way of ramifying society. Isn’t that the root of the entire debate we got into regarding obligations to give charity. I mean, the word “charity” alone carries a sense of ramification itself. When we speak of charity we intuitively associate it with a person of higher status (more money) giving to someone of lower status (poor). That idea, in and of itself, is a HUGE problem.

    1. Yeah, the vocalist, Ian Mackaye, actually founded all three bands, Embrace, Minor Threat and Fugazi. 🙂

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