Humor as a Vehicle for Structural Oppression

This week’s meeting will consist of a presentation and discussion lead by Joe Felix entitled “Humor as a Vehicle for Structural Oppression.” An abstract and links to the material he will be referencing are below. Feel free to get the discussion going below!

I will argue that in participating in some sorts of humor we are unknowingly contributing to Structural oppression. I will clarify the forms of oppression and the leading theories on why it is we laugh. Then I will show how the interpretation of the joke contributes to the result of what theory of humor it supports and how an interpretation does contribute to one or multiple forms of oppression. I will discuss how today’s communication among social groups and the misinterpretation from the speaker to the audience does not allow for re-signification in the area of humor. I will end by giving reason as to why we should favor the Incongruity Theory of humor.
Happy MLK Day!

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