Frege’s Der Gedanke

This week’s meeting will consist of a presentation by Pedro Melchor on Frege. Below is an abstract of the presentation as well as a link to the original article. It might be useful for those of you who are unfamiliar with Frege.

“Frege’s ‘Der Gedanke.’”

“The Thought: A Logical Inquiry”. Gottlob Frege. Mind, New Series, Vol. 65, No. 259. (Jul., 1956), pp. 289-311 (‘Der Gedanke’ is the untranslated name of the same work).

In this famous article, Frege seeks Frege explain the cognitive phenomenon of taking something to be true. His central claim is that to take something as true is to enter into a relation with an abstract entity called a ‘Thought,’ which to Frege is a specific sort of meaning, expressible through sentences, which may be either true or false. Frege also incorporates his view on what “truth” means, provides an explanation of the basic properties of “thoughts,” and on the ontological status of “thoughts,” which he wants to make precise. If we happen to have some time, I’d like to present Frege’s argument for Platonism.

Here’s a link to the article:


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