Southern California Feminist Philosophy Salon

Hello everyone,

The Southern California Feminist Philosophy Salon will take place on Saturday, April 16, from 3:30 p.m. through dinner at the home of Professor Kayley Vernallis in Altadena.

Please click on the response form here  if you plan to attend.

3:30 Arrive please

3:45 Philosophy’s Image Problem
Rosalie Lochner, Loyola Marymount University

I argue that philosophy has an image problem and a problem with images. These two problems are interrelated, and at the point of intersection between these two problems stands the gendered and raced (as well as ablest, classed, and privileged) “knowing subject.”


4:45 What is Trans* Philosophy?
Talia Bettcher, Cal State Los Angeles

Since the early nineties, the interdisciplinary field of trans* studies has flourished. Discussions of trans* issues within philosophy have scarcely kept pace. With the first-ever conference on trans* philosophy approaching, we have reached a critical moment to ask: What is trans* philosophy? How does it relate to feminist philosophy? Is a trans* feminist philosophy possible? What can trans* philosophy contribute to the interdisciplinary field of trans* studies? The discussion raises questions about the methods, nature, and limitations of philosophy itself, given that most of trans* theory has emerged from what Judith Butler has called “Philosophy’s Other.”

5:45 Drinks, Dinner and Socializing

Kayley’s address:
1790 Alta Crest
Altadena 91001

Kayley will provide Mediterranean food and the usual range of drinks. We share the expenses, so please bring $10 – 12 with you. It is a very relaxed and fun event. We hope to see you.

Please share this with students, colleagues, and student groups who might be interested. Seriously, encourage students to attend.


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