Philosophy in Practice Vol. 10 Published!

Volume 10 of the CSULA Philosophy journal, Philosophy in Practice, has been published!

Copies are available for everyone in the department office!

The journal includes original pieces written by our very own CSULA Philosophy majors:

Nefeli Ralli
Austin Mitzel
Ashley Tarin
Lavaris McCellion
Steohen Sigl
Church Lieu
Matthew Hart
Avedis Bekhloian
Bree Lacey
Iliana Cuellar

Faculty Advisor: Professor Michael Shim

Faculty Spotlight written on the awesome Professor Bruce Atta.

Staff Spotlight written on the backbone of the department, Donna Balderrama.

Support the department and all of the contributors’ hard work and go grab one!

In honor of Prof. Atta, here’s a few tunes to get you pumped on reading the journal! If you don’t get the reference, READ THE JOURNAL! 🙂






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