Meeting 4/26

Hey peeps,

We will be meeting this Wednesday in El Monte Room from 2-3.

Bryce will be presenting.

Fermi is famous for asking “Where are they?” He was a top scientist in his day and had the realization that aliens almost certainly exist. This he based on known science which revealed that the conditions giving rise to sentient life on earth are not very unique. And if the conditions giving rise to life were abundant, then life must also be abundant. If so, then pursuing Fermi’s reasoning to its extreme, there must have formed galactic civilizations by this point. These galactic civilizations would cause a clear impact on our night sky just in virtue of their vast size and age. Yet, when we look at the night sky, everything we see would be explained by nature.
I will argue that Fermi’s reasoning is perfectly sound. In fact, I would go even further in proposing that Fermi’s paradox could form the basis of a novel scientific paradigm. Thought experiments in economics and anthropology will be used to argue there is no inherent contradiction between something’s being completely natural, and also completely designed. What I will show is that the best answer to Fermi’s question is suggested by Thales: “Everything is full of gods.”

CSULA Philosophy Club
P.S. This will be our penultimate meeting for the Spring semester.

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