9/17 Meeting!

Hello, sleepy friends and family! I bring good news: we now have an official meeting room! I do apologize for how long it’s taken me to send this out. Typically, meeting messages should be sent out earlier during the weekend. Thank you for bearing with me.

So, tomorrow (9/17), from 2PM-3:40PM, at FA 306, we’ll be having a discussion about music and the philosophy of music! We started talking about this a little bit last week. Let me give you some guiding questions to keep in mind. When we say a piece of music is beautiful, do we say something real about the piece of music, or do we only give our personal preferences of what we like in music? What’s the difference between noise and music, and at what point does noise become music, or vice versa? Is there a difference at all? Can we say anything political about the kind of music made today? Mull over any one or more of these questions, and we’ll reconvene tomorrow to talk shop.

That’s all! Take care! Reminder to drink some water. Drinking enough water is important.


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