9/24 Meeting!

Hello, do-you-remember-the-twenty-first-night-of-September friends and family!

New meeting coming up! We had a lovely last meeting; thank you all for joining and participating! Last week, we talked about music and philosophy, and specifically, we tried to answer two questions that seemed closely related: 1) what counts as music?; and 2) what counts as good music? We spoke a lot about the former, but we weren’t able to cover as much ground with the latter. However, we all agreed that that second question of values was important, and we agreed to keep talking about values in the next meeting!

So, this Tuesday (9/24), from 2pm-3:40pm, at Fine Arts (FA) 306, we’ll be meeting to talk about values, sociology, and philosophy! Whether we’re talking about aesthetic values or moral values, we see these kinds of values changing historically, from society to society. This society promotes collectivism, but this other society values individual exceptionalism above all else. However, do values simply change with the times and differ across cultures and societies, or can we talk about certain values, like justice, love, or peace, for example, that either hold or must be maintained universally, in any society, and in any historical period? What does it mean to talk about unchanging values in our ever-changing lives? Think about these questions, and we’ll get into the nitty-gritty together on Tuesday!

I am now going to play a nerdy board game with my cousins, and once that’s done, I am going to do my nerdy logic homework. Hope you’re all doing well! If you’re someone who drinks coffee regularly and hasn’t had their coffee yet, go get a cup! You’ll feel more alive afterwards.


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