10/1 Meeting!

Hi, beloved friends and family! I apologize, once more, for how long it’s taken this pretty woman (hint: that’s me!) to send this out. I’m behind on a lot of work, and I’m wearing thin a bit. I’ve barely been able to catch up today. Yet, here I am now! I’m going to hit the hay right after this email.

The poll I sent out earlier did help! More people wanted to talk about psychology and the philosophy of mind. Last meeting, we talked a bit about moral values, asking if these values are just cultural or whether some of these values are universal. We briefly mentioned mental illness while addressing this: when we say someone is mentally healthy or mentally ill, where do our values of health and illness come from? Turns out, this is a very important topic in psychology and psychopathology. So, we’re going to talk more about this next!

This Tuesday (10/1), from 2pm-3:40pm, at Fine Arts (FA) 306, we’ll be meeting to talk about mental illness. Specifically, we’ll talk about whether the things we may experience as depression, anxiety, panic, or mania should be called illnesses, or whether these experiences are something different altogether. What is at stake when someone’s diagnosed as mentally ill? Are mental illnesses chemical imbalances in the brain? Can there even be such a thing as a chemical imbalance in the brain? More on this tomorrow.

Midterms are coming up, and I wish you all well. Check-in with yourself, make sure you’re well fed, drinking enough water, and resting. Hang in there! We will make it through.


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