10/8 Meeting!

Hi, hopefully-healthy friends and family! I am becoming very sick as I write this message, so I’ll keep it shorter than usual.

We had a good talk on mental illness last week, and we’ll keep talking about the philosophy of mind in club meetings. However, we’re opting to put off the philosophy of mind discussion for this upcoming club meeting and attend a talk by one of our own faculty, Dr. Foad Dizadji-Bahmani!

This Tuesday (10/8), from 2PM-3PM, at Los Angeles Room A at the U-SU (3rd Floor), Foad will be lecturing on “Parallel Universes: Quantum Mechanics and the Possibility of the Multiverse.” After Foad’s talk is over, we can chat and discuss the contents of the talk together. Paraphrasing his words, you should come check this out, because it’s fascinating stuff! (Quantum mechanics IS really cool, and it will, as marketers say, ‘blow your mind’.)

We’ll continue our regular club programming next week onwards. Eat your vitamins (or whatever humans do to maintain their immune system), keep an eye on your health, drink plenty of fluids! I’m gonna go die now.


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