10/15 Meeting!

Hello, anachronistic friends and family! I’m not clever enough in the right way to come up with a nice time travel joke here, so come up with your own and pretend that I wrote it. Please cite me in your references.

We have a lot of info in this message. I’ve organized the info in terms of earliest to latest in the week.

1) We will be meeting this Tuesday (10/15), from 2PM-3PM, at Fine Arts (FA) 306, to talk about the hard problem of consciousness. Please bear with me, because this topic is not my forte, but I’m gonna try giving a description for it anyway. From much of our sciences about the mind, especially from physiopsychology and the neurosciences, we understand that our brains and nervous systems are physical systems. If they are completely physical, how is it that this additional stuff called mental experience, the inner life, or consciousness, arises? We know that we have consciousness, but why does it arise alongside physical, non-mental systems? We’ll get into more of the hard (!) details in the meeting.

2) This Thursday (10/17), from 3PM-4PM, at the Honors Lounge in King Hall (KH) D1047, AHA continues their public lecture series. Our own Mark Balaguer will be speaking on the topic of free will, and whether or not we have it! This is also timely, given that we have a public debate on free will coming up soon (more on this later, and no, I have not sent out any official info about this yet, so please do not be worried that you missed any important info!). Definitely go check it out! Mark’s a cool cookie.

3) The following is about an off-campus event. The SoCal Feminist Philosophy Salon is taking place this Saturday (10/19), from 3:30PM through dinner. At this annual event, feminist philosophers and theorists get together to talk shop about recent topics and problems in feminist philosophy! This year, they are having two speakers who will discuss feminist philosopher Miranda Fricker’s concept of epistemic injustice.

If you are interested in attending or want more information about the program for the event, reply to this message or shoot me a message directly by Wednesday (10/16), and I can send you more specific information on location and program details.

That’s all for now! Take care of yourselves.


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