2/13 Meeting!

Hi, salutatorian friends and family! That’s a nice adjective-word, right?

We’re meeting this Thursday (2/13), from 3PM-4:20PM, at our Brand New Meeting Room, King Hall (KH) C2096A, to talk about material constitution, which is fancy for “how things are made from other things”! Someone last meeting asked whether a Pop-Tart is a sandwich, and we decided to take the joke seriously enough to run a meeting on it. What does it take for a lump of stone and marble to be a statue? Is the statue and the lumps of material it’s made out of the same thing? (Spoiler alert: Sakib thinks no, but if an artist presents lumps of raw material as a statue, then in that case, that lump becomes a statue!) Is a Pop-Tart a sandwich? These are the most important questions in philosophy, more important than, I daresay, anything else in philosophy. Anything in its long many-thousands-of-years history. I’m certain of it. This is objectively correct.


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