3/5 Meeting!

Hello, peppery friends and family! I am drinking hot chocolate, which is known in parts of the world as “Blessed Cocoa Liquid”. I have two things to mention this message.

1) We will be meeting this Thursday (3/5), from 3PM-4:20PM, at KH C2096A. We will be addressing some questions about sexuality, and the philosophy of sexuality! There is a philosophy roundtable coming up soon on sexuality (more on that in number 2), and so we’re gonna take a look at a couple of the questions that will come up in the roundtable. Let me give you two to think over. You obviously do not have to come up with full answers to either of these! I just pass them over to you to mull over before next meeting:

a) We make sense of a lot of sexuality through the sexual orientations that we live–being gay, bi, straight, or so on. These categories are immensely helpful in understanding ourselves, but how may sexuality be more complicated beyond these categories? How does sexuality complicate these orientations themselves?

b) How do we talk about ethics and morality in sexuality in a necessary, important way? Sexuality has often been, perhaps, wrongly regulated according to social norms and conventions, thus harming people in the process. Yet, it seems evident that some expressions of sexuality really are wrong, or harmful. How do we navigate this difference? What vocabulary do we need to navigate it?


2) We’re talking about sexuality next meeting because on March 10th, from 4PM-5:30PM, at the State Playhouse by the Music building, we’re holding a philosophy roundtable event on sexuality! A panel of students and faculty will be working through important theoretical questions about sexuality along with the rest of the audience. I’ll remind you again next week that this is coming up, and I’ll include some extra details at that point as well. For now, mark your calendar! It’ll be a lovely time.

That’s all for now! I’m going back to writing now.


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