Created and successively run by philosophy students at Cal State L.A., the Philosophy Club serves to provide an environment in which students at CSULA may meet and discuss philosophy outside of the classroom. Although there is no formal procedure for joining (participation constitutes membership), we do encourage those interested to join our mailing list. Send your request to: csulaphilosophyclub@gmail.com. Those on the list will be notified of all upcoming club activities, the bulk of which will be of four types:

1_General Meetings

We meet every week on campus, usually between 3:15 and 4:15pm. The particular days vary from semester to semester. Be sure to check the “Meetings” tab for scheduled days and times. This is a good time for interested students to meet and chat with those currently active in the club, for active members to propose ideas for upcoming club activities, and for all to “talk shop.” Remember, you do not have to be a philosophy major to join! Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings. Even if you cannot stay for the whole duration of the meeting, you can come and go as you please.

2_Discussion Groups

We try to meet at least every other month to read and discuss influential papers, films, music, etc. within a particular area of philosophy. Typically, one of our members will propose a certain reading or topic of discussion and prepare and lead us in an in-depth discussion of that paper or topic. If you think you might like to lead a discussion group meeting, stop by one of our general meetings and let us know. (Grads! Please join-in!)


We freely schedule club activities just to do something fun together. We might go to a movie, meet at an art museum, play card or board games, throw a party, or get together for any other reason that might interest us. Such events have been known to generate philosophical discussions lasting well into the wee hours. 🙂


We host here an open-forum blog—focused on, but not limited to, philosophical discussion—made available by the Philosophy Club for all to use, regardless of one’s interest in or involvement with club activities on the whole.

Anyone may freely comment on current posts. To post a new blog entry, there are two options:

  1. Register as an author with us:
    First you’ll need to have a wordpress account. Click here to sign up for a free account. Then email us from the email address connected with your wordpress account and we’ll add you as an author.
  2. Or just sign in as our guest here:
    username: csulaphilclub
    password: guest1

Club Officers

2020 – 2021

President: David Dixon

Treasurer: David Randall

Secretary: Misael Landaverde


President: Katelyn Rogers
Vice President/Doesn’t believe in last names: Sakib
Treasurer: Even Dirar
Secretary: Hayley Silvers
Social Media/Club Outreach: Brian Vera


President: Joe Felix
Vice President: Alvin Mayorga
Treasurer: Gil Sanders
Chief Secretary/ Master Metaphysician: Cameron Takeda
Anti-Freudian: Sakib Ibne Shahriar


President: Joe Felix
Vice President: Van Doan
Secretary: Kyle Gendrau
Inter-campus Outreach: Andre Agacar
Head of Infrastructure: Eduardo Salazar

President: Ashley Tarin
Vice President: Pedro Melchor Vargas
Media Coordinator/Secretary: Scott Nishinaka
Club Representative: Iliana Cuellar
Treasurer: Joe Felix

President: Sarah Schoonmaker
Vice President: Ali Jalali
Secretary: Ai-Khanh Nguyen
Treasurer: Alberto Mendoza
Web Coordinator: Joel Chandler
Sec. Team Spirit: Elias Feghali

President: Joel Chandler
Vice President: Cristina Gonzalez
Secretary: Chinta Cooper
Treasurer: James Winburn
Sec. Team Spirit: Cyrus Azari

President: Joel Chandler
Vice President: José Angel Aceves
Secretary: Cklara Moradian
Treasurer: James Winburn
Sec. Team Spirit: Cyrus Azari

President: Mark Mighnko
Vice President: Theresa Cheng
Treasurer: José Angel Aceves
Senior Editor: Chris Nelson
Web Coordinator: Joel Chandler

President: Michelle Chasman
Vice President: Mark Mighnko
Secretary: Jessica Gonzalez
Treasurer: Theresa Cheng
Senior Editor: Leslie Cain
Web Coordinator: Jamie Ramirez

President: Jeff Roop
Vice President: Juan Palacios
Secretary: Michelle Chasman
Treasurer: Tim Ramos
Senior Editor: Bonnie Bills
Web Coordinator: Jamie Ramirez

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