9/24 Meeting!

Hello, do-you-remember-the-twenty-first-night-of-September friends and family!

New meeting coming up! We had a lovely last meeting; thank you all for joining and participating! Last week, we talked about music and philosophy, and specifically, we tried to answer two questions that seemed closely related: 1) what counts as music?; and 2) what counts as good music? We spoke a lot about the former, but we weren’t able to cover as much ground with the latter. However, we all agreed that that second question of values was important, and we agreed to keep talking about values in the next meeting!

So, this Tuesday (9/24), from 2pm-3:40pm, at Fine Arts (FA) 306, we’ll be meeting to talk about values, sociology, and philosophy! Whether we’re talking about aesthetic values or moral values, we see these kinds of values changing historically, from society to society. This society promotes collectivism, but this other society values individual exceptionalism above all else. However, do values simply change with the times and differ across cultures and societies, or can we talk about certain values, like justice, love, or peace, for example, that either hold or must be maintained universally, in any society, and in any historical period? What does it mean to talk about unchanging values in our ever-changing lives? Think about these questions, and we’ll get into the nitty-gritty together on Tuesday!

I am now going to play a nerdy board game with my cousins, and once that’s done, I am going to do my nerdy logic homework. Hope you’re all doing well! If you’re someone who drinks coffee regularly and hasn’t had their coffee yet, go get a cup! You’ll feel more alive afterwards.


9/17 Meeting!

Hello, sleepy friends and family! I bring good news: we now have an official meeting room! I do apologize for how long it’s taken me to send this out. Typically, meeting messages should be sent out earlier during the weekend. Thank you for bearing with me.

So, tomorrow (9/17), from 2PM-3:40PM, at FA 306, we’ll be having a discussion about music and the philosophy of music! We started talking about this a little bit last week. Let me give you some guiding questions to keep in mind. When we say a piece of music is beautiful, do we say something real about the piece of music, or do we only give our personal preferences of what we like in music? What’s the difference between noise and music, and at what point does noise become music, or vice versa? Is there a difference at all? Can we say anything political about the kind of music made today? Mull over any one or more of these questions, and we’ll reconvene tomorrow to talk shop.

That’s all! Take care! Reminder to drink some water. Drinking enough water is important.


9/10 Meeting Location!

Hi! Here’s the promised Monday update email!

Tomorrow (9/10), we’ll be holding our meeting from 2PM-3:40PM at the Honors College Conference Room, which is in KH D1046. If you walk over to the Honors College office right next door, in KH D1045, either I or the Honors College staff will direct you into the conference room. There should also be a sign outside the door pointing you in the right direction!

A note: this is a temporary meeting room. We don’t yet have an official meeting room, and frankly, we don’t want you all to burn out in the summer heat by the Confucius statue! So, we’re reserving this not-burning-hot room just for tomorrow’s meeting.

See you tomorrow!

Fall ’19 Meeting Times! First Meeting!

Hello, stylized and stylish friends and family! I hope you’re doing well!

After three weeks of getting used to the semester and seeing who’s interested in coming to meetings, we’ve decided on an official meeting time for this semester! Meetings during Fall ’19 will be held on Tuesdays, from 2PM-3:40PM. We tried to accommodate for people’s schedules as best as we could; some people may have to leave a little early, some people may have to arrive a little late. However, we’ve tried to compensate for that by extending the meeting time from eighty minutes to a hundred minutes. Thank you for bearing with us and being understanding. I am excited to see many of you in the meetings!

Speaking of said meetings, we have a meeting coming up! This upcoming Tuesday (9/10), from 2PM-3:40PM, we’ll be holding our first club meeting this semester! We don’t have a meeting room confirmed yet, so for now, let’s set the meeting place at the Confucius statue on campus, opposite the University Student Union. Keep an eye out for a message from me this Monday; if we have an official meeting room by then, I’ll update you all on the new location, and we’ll meet there instead! (And I’ll probably also wait around at the Confucius statue for a little while, catching any stragglers who missed the email, and bringing them to the new meeting room).

For the semester’s first meeting, let’s get to know each other! We’ll do introductions, talk a bit more about what philosophy is all about and why it’s important in many ways, and start brainstorming topics related to philosophy that we’re interested in that we can discuss over the semester! It will be good. Bring liquids. It’s hot, and dehydration is, some would say, very bad.

And that’s all! To the old members still attending this school: welcome back! To the old members not attending this school but keeping up with email updates: hi friends! To the professors who can see this: what’s poppin’? (That’s youth-speak that means, “how’s it going?”). To our new members: I’m excited to meet and chat with you! Also, any web links you find on club messages are not accidental web links. Everything’s staged here.

Best wishes,

Setting Fall ’19 Meeting Times!

Hello, unknown friends and family! I hope you have had a pleasant and not-burning summer! We have two main orders of business, the first being more serious than the second.

1 [The more serious one]) The Fall semester begins tomorrow (gee, Saki, thanks for being timely), and as, hopefully, most of us have an idea of what our work/class schedule will be this semester, it’s time to decide on a new meeting time! Last semester, we met on Thursdays, from 2PM-3:20PM. For those of you who want to attend club meetings, when during the semester would you like to hold meetings? On which days and at what times are you available for, or would prefer to have, club meetings? Please let me know. We’ll try to accommodate for as many people as possible as we decide on a meeting day and time.

2) This Wednesday (8/21), from 11AM-3PM, we’ll be tabling at the City of Orgs event on campus, where student clubs and organizations all table together on the main campus walkway and chat with students about their club! For those of you who are new, come meet us; for those of you who’ve been around, come say “hi” and “welcome back” and other assorted expressions of appreciation!

Also, since it’s the beginning of a new school year: for those of you who don’t want to be on the mailing list anymore, let us know, and we’ll take you off.

That’s it for now! Has anyone seen that one 1964 film directed by that famous director and starring that famous acting cast? I can’t remember its title.

Wishing you well!

June 7th Observatory Event!

Hello, horoscopic friends and family! I hope you’re… causing mayhem and creating a ruckus over this summer.

Just a reminder that this Friday (6/7), from 7:30pm-9:30pm, the Griffith Park Observatory is having their All Space Considered event! When the last Spring semester was ending, we were talking about a possible trip to this event if people were interested. A few wanted to go and let us know in person. If anyone seeing this message is interested in going, please reply to this message and let us know you’d like to join. This way, we can also figure out any necessary carpooling plans together. (Am I copying Kate’s message about All Space Considered from last semester with minor changes in sentence structure and grammar to build a digital illusion of individuality? Yes. Plagiarism is the motor of the reproduction of language.)

For those of you who observe, Eid Mubarak! For those of you who don’t observe, Eid Mubarak as well! For those of you who are Islamophobic, please don’t be?


5/9 Meeting!

What up nerds.
Given that next week is finals week, and I’m assuming that we’re all stressed AF, tomorrow’s club meeting (our last meeting for spring) is going to be a study hall! What that means is that we’ll all meet up in our usual room at our usual time (KH B3019, 2:00pm-3:20pm), but instead of any discussion or presentation, we’ll spend our time working on our final assignments and studying. There will be drinks and snacks! So, if you’d like to come by, you’re welcome to, but if you’d rather do your own thing with your time, that’s fine too.
Last meeting we talked about a possible club trip to the Griffith Observatory on June 7th (that’s a Friday), from 7:30pm-9:30pm for All Space Considered. Go ahead and EMAIL THE CLUB EMAIL if you’d like to go on that trip, that way we can make a plan for driving/carpooling.
Also, if you have any drink or snack requests, EMAIL US and let us know.
Alright, see you all tomorrow! Or not, I’m not in charge of you